Most of us know Jinsey Dauk as a photojournalist. She started snapping portraits as a girl and quickly emerged as the nationally recognized photographer that we think of today. Her work, primarily black and white, has captured the faces and moments for our lives in that timeless, uniquely Jinsey-way for 30 years now. Seemingly, we were her inspiration. Something in each of us - our faces, our precious children, our special moments - prompted her to do what she does. Prompted her to catch us, in natural light and with ease, looking like ourselves, only better...often much better.

However, it turns out that all these years, Jinsey has also been finding inspiration and beauty without us. After much prodding, she has agreed to share a few pieces of her personal work.

Jinsey's work for Jinsey's sake is bright, sensual and surprisingly private. It retains much of the movement and soul we associate with her commissioned wedding and portrait work as (seen on, but, despite some variation in technique and presentation, the images are largely composed of color and shape. The colors, while bright, recede into the photo - pulling us in. Once in, colors and shadows reveal small nooks and passages that take us ... I don't know where, but it is warm and calm.

Make no mistake though, like Jinsey, the perspective is often wacky and unexpected.

--Erika Del Priore, Erika Del Priore Interiors